The Work Of Shaun Jacques

10 weeks later…convergence and the media

over the course of the last few months I have been learning about convergence in the media and how it is effecting our lives…the most basic example of how much this has changed in the last 15 years is this very blog post. that many years ago it would have been impossible for many to think that this sort of user-generated content would be available for everyone and anyone to view,edit,comment and submit for themselves, even something like twitter which is user generated posts of less than 140 characters gets up to 50million tweets per day (*)

During this course I have discovered many things about the rise of new media technologies, including theroetical insight about how the emphisis on content has moved away from the powers that be (Broadcasters, managers etc) and towards the creators themselves as it becomes easier and easier for a user to get thier message (or pointless video) out there. It is certainly changing our views on privacy, again less than 6 years ago people were reluctant to put thier full name online, now people put thier hobbies, intrest and thier e-mail address for anyone and everyone to read, Is this really a good thing? Who can see this data and what are they using it for?  These are questions that has weighed on my mind and forced me to change my own personal facebook privacy settings.

My research lead me to a man called ‘Henry Jenkins’ he believes there are Nine sites where important negotiations between customers and producers are changing, these are revising audience measurement, remapping globalization, reengaging citizens, renegotiating relations between producers and consumers, redesigning the digital economy, rethinking media aesthetics, regulating media content, redefining intellectual property rights and restricting media ownership.

I had a heated discussion via convergent media (facebook) about music piracy the other day. I made the comment that with sites such as spotify becoming more and more popular it may get to the point that people don’t even need to ‘own’ music and instead just pay a fee to access a library…convergent media is bringing as many questions as it is solving problems and it will be intresting to see how things will change in the next 10/15 years in both technology advances and also societies reactions to them…will we ever get bored of seeing what our coursemate had for lunch via twitter? or is it just a passing phase? will there ever be a real solution to torrent sites that will suit both the producer and the consumer? somehow I doubt it but we shall see.

In conclusion 112MC module has taught me things that i didn’t consider before such as the sociological changes caused by convergent media but if it has taught me one thing, it has taught me that I should be both excited and also wary about what changes it will bring in my lifetime, because my generation is going through possibly the biggest change in society structure ever.


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