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Google Maps…

As mentioned in my previous post, my original plan was to document my train journey home and although I got the footage to do this, I unfortuantly lost the SD card that the clips were stored on…No worries because I have a back up plan.

I have created a google map documenting a trip I made to New York over a year ago. now because it was so long ago I have not given a step by step map, but instead show the places I went to, but not necessarily the order they appeared…what follows on this blog is a step by step progress of how I created my map.

First of all I got a load of photos that I thought I ‘may’ use and uploaded them to ‘Flickr’

Pictures uploading

whilst that was going on I decided to start placing my placemarks on my Google Map, I started off with the hotel I stayed at as you can see below…

placing a placemarker on google maps (notice I made it a bed to indicate a hotel)

I then set on a route for my google maps I decided initially to just stay in the times square area as that is where I spent of most of my time in NYC (again please note: this is not the order I went to these places, just a selection of the best) I then moved beyond to places like the bridge leading into brookyln and liberty island…

print screen at the half way mark

You may or may not be able to notice in the picture above that I have added lines to indicate the route of the boat between NYC, Liberty Island and Eliis Island and I have also placed a shape tool around the area in New York in which I spent most of my free time.


shape tool in use to show the main area I went in NYC

I then decided to create a video to upload to YouTube to place in the google map…I now started to wish I had taken more footage on the holiday but I placed what I had (which was some clips of time square and some street performers) into a montage with the song ‘New york, New York, New York’ by ‘Tellison’ as a background song.

video at the edit stage in windows movie maker

Once completed I uploaded the video to YouTube which was by no means an easy task, at home this would have taken minutes, at my halls of residence this took hours and the video constantly aborted itself causing no end of headaches.

This is an example of how slow HOR upload speeds are...YES that is 2 hours for a 1 minute clip

I then started adding some of the pictures from filckr into my googlemap.

getting the photo from flickr

copying and pasting the link

as the viewer would see my piece

I did this for most of my other pictures but I have to admit I cheated slightly…You see as it was taking so long to obtain the pictures I copied and pasted some of the pics from my old Myspace account. now these pics are of much lower quality, but they get the job done on Google Maps. If I hadn’t thought of this alternative I may have been here for days waiting for some of the pics (and I wish I was exaggerating)

Once the video was finally uploaded to Youtube I copied the HTML code and pasted into my shape function on Google Maps as shown in the following screenshots.

video on youtube (note the highlighted text that is needed for the next screenshot)

inserting the code from youtube into the box, notice how I am now in HTML function instead of rich text.

I edited the values by half so the video would fit in the box.

as it appears onsite (note that the video is of the same width of the picture. the pictures were edited automatically)

And that is how I created my Google Map, It was much harder than it had to be because of the upload speeds, but it is well worth doing one for yourself If you get the chance

Here is the finished piece for you to explore.

My Map


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