The Work Of Shaun Jacques

REFLECTION 4: Personal Critical Evaluation

During the module, we encountered more than a few problems; including organizing a decent schedule that suited both us and Grace and recording with just one camera but the biggest two problems were the fact that we could not film at the school (which changed the style of the film completely) and sound problems which were only evident when it came to the editing. We found solutions to these problems by changing the original structure of the planned edit, using sound form only one set of recordings (as the second set were filled with background noise which seemed ridiculously out of place when compared to the other shots) and filming the 2nd set of scenes at Grace’s house rather than the school. In hindsight i believe we could have made improvements by booking out two cameras at once to help with editing sequences, having a ‘clear story’ as we headed out to film and aim to get all permissions out of the way as soon as possible so we don’t have the panic we had in this documentary.


I believe over the course of the module, my unique contribution has been my adaptability and willingness to try my hand at any task, I organized the 2nd filming shoot with Grace which me and Sam went to, I also organized the PowerPoint presentation which will be shown tomorrow I also felt that I was well organized for the majority of the time as I did not miss one workshop, film or edit session. I believe my ability to work in a team has improved  in this time, but only when everyone is pulling their weight, I do believe we did have strong characteristics in our group but I’d be hard pushed to say who was the leader of the group and calling the shots as me, Sam and Adam made very strong decisions and presented very strong and varied ideas in the filming and the editing.

print screen of powerpoint slide

Going back to problems i felt that I could improve alot on AVID although I feel alot better about it now than I did before, alot of it is still a mystery and I believe given more experience and knowledge on the software, the edit would look more professional and we perhaps could have experimented with more effects.

In reflection, I feel that I could have researched more. I also feel that in the future I should make sure that everyone in my group has the same ideas as me when it comes to research/filming/editing as it could stop a lot of arguments starting at the later stages. Most importantly I have learned that you can not simply record a rough idea and expect to edit something perfect later on. I do not believe that the finished piece is what I had envisaged all those weeks back, but as a learning curve these tasks have taught me many skills which will hopefully make me improve in the future.

DVD Cover


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