The Work Of Shaun Jacques

My GoogleMap adventure

In my 112MC workshop I planned to create a draft route of my potential GoogleMaps journey, however Google maps on Coventry University’s Snail pace computers (in fact that’s an insult to snails, at least they go somewhere) has proved to be unbearable and instead I shall jump straight to the blogging process.

I plan to create a relatively small Google Map on either, My train journey from home to coventry, OR A quick guide to my home town. The reason beyond these decisions is down to the convienience of the timing of this project. I am going home this weekend for both Mother’s day and my kid brothers birthday, so I will be home this weekend regardless, however to get home requires a very long train journey that stops at more than a few locations, it may be worth creating a google map to show the ridicolus route I must travel to get between Corby and Coventry (nearly 3 hours on trains and waiting at stations, instead of a car journey that’d take less than 40 minutes) I will take photo’s of the different stations that I must stop off at during my journey.

My other map which I will make if I get the content I desire will be a quick ‘what to do’ guide of corby. My free time is going to be very limited, but I aim to go to the town centre and take images of the attractions around that area, if possible I will go to an area with a few pubs and take pictures to upload onto the google map.


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