The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Screening My Finished Film.

Once my film is completed I will need to look at opportunities for the public to see it. It’s all well and good showing it to my coursemates and lecturers, but A film needs to be able to reach as many people as possible. There are five traditional ways of distributing and screening a film which I shall take under consideration:



Film Festivals

Film Screenings


I am looking in to these ways of showing my project at a local, national and even an international level.

First of all I managed to find several local opportunities to screen the film in the Warickshire area, this will be the most relevant market to me as the film is focusing on a person in Coventry. I discovered ‘Roots To Shoots‘ which holds a film screening night once a month at Taylor John’s House in Coventry, which I could supply a film for. They also hold an event once a month in Leamington Spa. Below are the details for last months ‘Roots To Shoots’ Film:

ROOTS to SHOOTS short film nights, screening student to pro level shorts all in one night. £5 Adults and £3,50 students. Screening every month at these venues in Cov and Warks:

Date: Thurs 26 Feb | Time: 7:00 PM | Location: Coventry
Roots to Shoots Coventry
Taylor Johns House
Canal Basin

Date: Thurs 04 Mar | Time: 7:00 PM | Location: Leamington Spa
Roots to Shoots Leam Spa
Royal Cinema
Spa Centre
Leam Spa
CV32 4HN

To submit your shorts a DVD screener is required in a 4×3 or 16×9 ratio
email: for details

As well as this I also found out about ‘Thursday Flickers‘. Again this event takes place in Leamington Spa and is Free for all. their catolouge events this term runs from the 11th of February until the 24th of June.

“Thursday Flickers is a great opportunity to see some unique short films made by local and emerging film makers. Screenings include work from video artists, short-film makers, animators, motion-graphic designers and artists using video installations. Please ask at the art gallery reception desk or visit for further information.

FREE, no need to book.

If you would lilke to show your work at one of our Thursday Flickers screenings, please contact Tammy Woodrow on 01926 742700 or email”

Of course in this modern age, It is impossible to ignore the power of the internet when it comes to streaming my finished project. However because of the vast size and the amount of sheer ‘junk’ on the internet, I have to think carefully about where I put it. It is far to easy to simply upload to YouTube with no tags or identifiers and just leave it there to get maybe the odd couple of views. Of course when used correctly YouTube is a fantastic help but I would be looking to upload to other sites aswell, sites which are specifically for short films.

Sites that I would consider include:

The Smalls is a showcase for short films and music. The site aims to create an opportunity for filmmakers and musicians to get their work commissioned.”

“Showcasing new UK film talent by screening short films, profiling the people who made them and providing filmmakers with the tools to exchange advice,”

“An online resource for aspiring film makers and people working towards the production of a limited budget film.”

Of course these are acting at an international level, which is great for showcasing the content, but will a user in San Fransisco really want to find out about a special needs teacher from Coventry? Somehow, I doubt it so it is important that If/When I upload content to any site like this, that I create a good synopsis of the film, tag the content markers effectively and also market it in a decent way. These sites that I have listed above DO NOT guarantee publishing on their website like YouTube or Viemo would. However that can be seen as a positive because if it does get published, it means that somebody (all be it we probably won’t know who) thinks that our film is worth putting up on their site. In the case of budgetfilmmaker, they offer the films as a download rather than as a stream, This wouldn’t necessarily be much of a problem but it would be worth looking at the terms and conditions of the site to see what right as content provider I have.

In terms of getting the film on Television the best opportunity would be Channel 4’s ‘Three Minute Wonder’ segment

“3 Minute Wonders are commissioned as a series of four shorts from budding new directors who haven’t yet had the opportunity to make a film for broadcast TV. Each week is thematically driven. The films are connected by subject, but they also have to be able to stand alone and be understood in isolation.”

It would be interesting to see if there was a theme in which our documentary would be suitable for this.

I would also aim to show this film at the local Odeon Cinema if possible as it would be a good opportunity to show the film to a lot of people in comfort but may prove to be a bit costly.


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