The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Reflection #3

Our research has changed slightly from my last post. Unfortunately we are unable to go with our original plan of shooting at the school which Grace; our character works at. This has changed both the style of what our finished film will look like and also what paperwork is required to make it. With such little time left to film we are aiming to get some footage which is relevant to the film but not necessarily true to the situation, these dramatized shots will be used in the film to visually stimulate the viewer instead at looking at the same shots which have been previously described as dull.

At the moment we are yet to film these shots but we aim to get this done over the weekend (Friday 5th March – Monday 8th March) with the editing of the whole film at least starting to take place on the Monday. My role within the filming and production has been mixed, as we all decided to have a go on either the PDX10 camera as we filmed Grace or Adam’s DSL photography camera (I had a go on both) I feel the scenes in Grace’s home could have been organized better and if we were to film there again we would walk in with a script of questions and move the camera (or maybe location) once we had moved from one set of questions to another.


One response

  1. 215MC Documentary Production


    You have reflected on the changes in production and your role in it. Some stills would have helped.

    Ken Fero

    March 4, 2010 at 9:54 pm

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