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CookShop CS3 Extended

After today’s lecture I went home with the intention of putting on a great blog post about how mashups are being created all the time and how often I use 2 or more different API’s in several sites on almost a daily basis. However at the beginning of that attempt to start a new post I recvieved a ‘Tweet’ or rather a ‘RT’ via the (fairly) popular musician ‘Chris T-T’ of this rather intresting video.

As well as being a cute animation and one that I found a bit of a laugh from after spending most of the previous night using Photoshop CS4 it got me thinking about how ‘A# I first came across the video and B# How mashups are occuring all the time’

I came across this basically via an RSS feed grabber/Firefox Add-On called EchoFon, what this does is grab all my tweets from twitter without the need for me to even visit the site. It also allows me to send tweets using the interface which when inactive occupies a small space at the bottom of my FireFox browser (You may have noticed the logo in the screenshots from my last post) This goes back to what was mentioned in the lecture about the arrows now turning the other way on the internet and instead of us going to websites, it is more like the websites are coming to us, this saves alot of time in searching on the internet. Also what this video does is highlight the rise of mashups (albeit in a jokey way) Later on I shall try to come up with my own Mashup. But Mashups are a great way to get something new from two ‘products’ which already exist, for example I use Last.Fm’s Playground fairly often which is a nice mix of applications which draw from that site’s API but in particular I use the event map which is a Mashup of’s and Google Maps API and this tells and shows me events that are occuring in my area which are specific to the tastes of my account.
(note the Echofon logo in the bottom right)

Nicely this shows me events within the circle I tell google to search and it also filters out events I have already said I am attending. Just one example of a vast array of mashups on the web


3 responses

  1. Well, you’ve got 3 RSS feeds, you’ve completed both your artefacts and explained how you did them. You’ve also got extra content in there as well which is good. You’ve done more than I have, so there’s little else to say lol Keep up the good work!

    February 23, 2010 at 1:31 pm

  2. sweet blog.
    you have a good amount of detailed work showing the researching and production process.
    the rss feed in your widget are also a good way to diverse your blog. good use of videos and stills to keep things interesting.
    the only thing you need to do is applying the lectures on the blogs, but that’s the same for everyone else really.
    good job!

    February 23, 2010 at 1:55 pm

  3. Same a the above… looks good to me, good detail of process and the finish artifact. Just include a bit more detail about convergence in a wider context and about the lectures, which yeah, is the same for everyone really!

    February 23, 2010 at 2:29 pm

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