The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Task 2 – Visualising Modern Music Consumption.

For my second task as part of my 112MC module I had to collect data from friends about an aspect of student life. I decided to look into the listening habits of students in the modern age. Music consumption has changed dramatically in the last 10 years and I believe we are on the verge of another dramatic change, as the switch to online library has taken place many people are building up vast library’s of music, much of it is acquired illegally, I believe we are about to see a change due to sites such as spotify where the emphasis will be on having access to this kind of vast library but without the need or will to ‘own’ the music. I conducted a questionairre and sent it out to students at not only Coventry University but other university’s in which I knew people (inc. but not limited to DMU, Northampton and Nottingham Trent) via the social networking site ‘Facebook’  The following are the questions that I asked:

What gender are you?

How many hours per day do you listen to music? (estimated)

How many Songs per day do you listen to? (estimated)

How much do you spend on music per month?

Do you download music from legal sources (iTunes, Amazon, etc…)

Do You Download Music Illegally?

How many hours per day do you spend listening to streaming music? (e.g. Spotify,, Youtube)

Do you listen to the radio?

How are you most likely to discover a new band/artist? (choose one from the following)

Social Networking sites such as facebook/
Word of mouth?

How much do you spend on music concerts/festivals a year (estimated)

Do you buy music memriobillia? (T-Shirts, Posters, etc…)

I received 26 returns from this questionnaire, I could have used one of many online questionairre services including freesurveys however I decided against this so I could guarantee honesty in my results, I allowed people to send me their responses privately, which is what the majority chose to do.

One of the private responses

I then put all the answers into an excel spreadsheet as shown above, after this I exported the data to many eyes (after creating an account)

After checking that the data was as I wanted I proceeded to visualize the data.

music hrs vs cost per month

Link between music discovery and illegal downloading

Hours listening to music and streaming

There are many other possibilitys in terms of visualisations which many eyes offers which I haven’t shown above because they may not be relevent to my data, also if you would like, please take my data set and see what interesting connections you can find using this data set, inform me of any good ones.

From viewing this I have discovered that I was wrong about my intial feeling that streaming is taking over the need to ‘own’ music however I feel that given time this will change as this time two years ago the streaming market was miles smaller than it is at present.

Here’s some montages summarizing my findings.


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