The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Reflection #2

Our research has developed further into looking into the school where our character Grace works at. The school Grace works at is Little Heath primary school and it is one of the oldest schools in the Coventry area, The school has won a number of awards including the 2003:School Achievement Award for improvements in academic progress and 2004: Gold award for health promotion.(

After presenting our one minute video in the lecture in front of our fellow students (the video at the bottom of this post), our group discussed where we could take our presentation of our character further. It should be noted in the filming of our 1 minute preview, we actually recorded 40 minutes of useful footage which is still very valuable to us as a group, however we decided that Grace’s location was a bit bland (at least to have ALL of the film at)

We decided to get in touch with Little Heath primary school to request permission to film there (preferably a lesson with grace, but hopefully at least a few location shots) At the point of writing we are waiting for a response (Not too surprising as it is Half-Term)

Me and Sam setting up the camera

Jambo and Grace

Sam and Me filming

Interviewing Grace


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