The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Final Fantasy

After today’s lecture we were asked to discuss items that excited us and to talk about it on our blogs and link it into convergence. Now one thing that has wasted countless months of my life in it’s various sequels/spin offs is the ‘Final Fantasy’ series of video games.

In my spare time I am currently playing the 9th installment of the series (which currently has 12 editions) however I wish to comment on the history of this massive gaming franchise and how it has kept up with the ever-changing convergent media.

Final Fantasy games are published and developed by Square-Enix (formerly SquareSoft)  and was created by Hironobu Sakaguchi. The games primarily have appeared on Nintendo’s  NES and SNES and Sony’s Playstation and PS2. however it is certinaly not limited to those consoles, It seems these days you can get a final fantasy emulation or spin-off on almost anything going, examples being portbale consoles such as the Nintendo DS, Mobile phones such as the iPhone even 4th generation iPod’s can have Real-time strategy spin off ‘crystal defenders’ on it’s hard drive (although it’s a bit strange playing on a click wheel) Some versions can even be embedded in flash.

Screenshot from Final Fantasy II (Game linked in image)

While some of these conversions have not been authorized by Square themselves it shows both: how far technology has advanced since the original Final Fantasy Videogame in 1987 and how an idea of the past can appear modern depending on how it’s spinned and updated (to date their have been Nine ‘official’ updates/Re-releases of the original Final Fantasy  and a new version is soon to be released on Apples iPhone)

Of course as well as showing how well they can represent old material in the present day the Final Fantasy series have always been the games to look at to see the best in what videogame technologies offer today. Below is a look at one of the most popular recurring themes of the series ‘chocobos’ however what this video also shows is how the game has progressed graphically, both technically and artistically and some of the other features that have been added thorugh the series lifespan (such as 3D landscapes and voice acting)

and of course the next game will aim to show what the current generation of consoles are capable of doing. (by the way if anyone fancies making a donation of a PS3 and a copy of this game for ‘research’ purposes leave a comment on this post.)

and that is a very brief look of the advancement and convergence of the Final Fantasy Series, no doubt when you are reading this I will probably be in the middle of a battle with some black mages somewhere on the planet Gaia.


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