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[Pics to be added] A moment of Grace proposal

As a group which consists of myself, Sam Davies, Adam Broome and James Dann we decided to go with Sam’s documentary subject Grace. Grace is a special needs teacher living and working in Coventry. At our group meeting we discussed the potential visual style and presentation of the documentary, We decided that we would have an interview with Grace which would be interlinked with footage from the school (her workplace) and if possible footage from a lesson.The interlinked footage would be played with little to no sound in the edit as the sound would be from Grace in the interview. We would also have a faint possibly string based music piece in the background. The interview pieces would be a close up of her talking in a news/chat show style (i.e not facing the camera) we would also have somebody sitting opposite Grace to conduct the interview (but more than likely no be shown on camera)

At this point in time what we would discuss in the interview we would ask Grace about what the job means to her, How she got it, what her inspirations are and what she has got out of it in the time she has been there. I intend the documentary to be an uplifting insight into what must be a difficult yet rewarding career.


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  1. 215MC Documentary Production


    You seem a bit distant with the work. You need to post your Reflection 1

    Ken Fero

    February 8, 2010 at 12:06 pm

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