The Work Of Shaun Jacques

The Inspiration and Making of my Flickr Slideshow

To the untrained eye, My previous post presenting statistics may appear random, factless and possibly made up, However each of the statistics I presented came from research and the majority of them came from third party applications available online via Build.Last.FM, Facebook and Wordle.

For example in this photograph, I state that I listen to 54 songs a day. at the time of writing this was true, however I have now pushed my average up to 55 Tracks a day. How do I know this?

The above image is a print screen taken on 02/02/2010 of My personal account (link on my sidebar). As you can see in the highlight underneath my username I am now listening to an average of 55 Tracks a day, one track more than what the site was recording a week prior.

Last.Fm is a website that tracks user listening habits via it’s ‘audioscrobbler’ application, I have been a user of this site for Two and a half years and during this time i have tracked or ‘scrobbled’ over 50,000 tracks. actievly promote people to create applications using thier data (the best of these are presented here) these range of data visulization applications and streams plus my own personal database can create some intresting graphs/statistical details as well as the vast amount of musical infomation I can gain from my user page myself.

In terms of making the photographic images themselves I used ‘Photoshop CS4’ admittedly I didn’t even touch the surface of what this fantastic program can do. I messed about with a few effects and distortions to create an interesting visual look but by the end of this module (particually as I am doing an add+vantage course on Photoshop) I expect to be able to do so much more and will keep you, the reader updated on this progression.


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