The Work Of Shaun Jacques

‘MP3 Deluxe To Be Ready For The Summer’

‘A new music file format has been unveiled by some of the key figures behind the development of the MP3.

The new file, MusicDNA, can include things like lyrics, videos, artwork and blog posts, which will continually be updated, as well as the music.

It has been created by Norwegian developer Dagfinn Bach, who worked on the first MP3 player in 1993.’

'Beggars Group' The record label of 'The Strokes' are one of the first to lend thier surport to MusicDNA

In my opinion this could really shape up the way we ‘view’ music online, Some people complain that .mp3 takes away the ‘feel’ of the music with the lack of anything other than the music, this would be a nice compensate for that. I believe this will work better than iTunes LP as it is all within the one file which is constantly update-able, whereas the iTunes LP is a whole bunch of separate files which costs more than a physical CD/DVD would in the first place.


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