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‘1 story out of 4,399’

As mentioned in my previous post, my subject is Emma, Emma is the manager of ‘Stardust’ casino in Coventry’s city centre. This story will focus on the job she has and the people she meets as a part of that role.

This story would be a fairly negative one as I would focus on the isolation and addictions of many of the people that would have come in to the casino over the years. The story will begin fairly upbeat talking about her job and a brief focus on her life outside of her job (family,etc..)

The focus would then be on her job, as in physically what she does each and everyday. I would then ask about the people who come into the casino and ask for any good stories, good and bad ones such as major winners and losers, how people coped with such wins/losses, as it is a casino I am certain she will be able to tell me many more horror stories than uplifting pieces. the pace of this film will be quite slow,

I aim to interlink scenes of Emma with that of willing customers and perhaps get a few comments from them aswell, I plan to use as much of the sound scape of the casino as I can without using added music and effects. I believe that people would want to watch this film as it will hopefully show some of the darker sides of gambling and human nature.


One response

  1. 215MC Documentary Production


    Glad you overcame the horror of the task and found what could be a good character. Try to find out how she ended up being there and what she thinks of the customers. Is she religious?

    Soundscape should be interesting but be careful where you interview her as the background noise level can be high in places like this.

    Ken Fero

    January 25, 2010 at 7:16 am

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