The Work Of Shaun Jacques


I went into this film with my eyes closed, of course I heard the hype surrounding it, but I did not know anything about the story or direction of the film. The main thought in my head as I was entering the 4th screen of the Coventry Odeon cinema was that this film has already made over $1.14bn (£700m approx) I wondered whether this film could possibly be worth the hype surrounding it.

The first thing you notice about this film is that it is jaw-dropingly beautiful, The Na’vi themselves are incredibly animated but the actual blue planet ‘Pandora’ is the real star of the animation. I almost gasped in amazement at some of the beautiful scenery, it is without a doubt the most beautiful location in a film ever. This has had a negative effect on some viewers because the world of pandora looks so much more beautiful than our own, one viewer even quoted ” When I woke up this morning after watching Avatar for the first time yesterday, the world seemed grey. It just seems so meaningless.” on an internet forum (*) Even the real world scenes are superbly filmed and the mix between animation and real world film is seamless.

The story is about ‘Jake Sully’ an ex-marine sent to work on the distant planet of Pandora. The planet is occupied by a race called the ‘Na’vi’. Jake takes the place of his recently deceased twin brother in controlling a recreation of the Na’vi, for a megacorpation aiming to mine the planet for ore.

Without giving too much away (although the film is Two hours and Forty-Two minutes long there’s too much to spoil really.) The story can seem to drag at times. however, when this film is good it is very, very good and the last hour of the film contains some fantastic scenes.

In conclusion, I would recommend seeing this film, I reckon for years to come this will be an example of what is required in an real world/animated movie. It was so well animated it almost seemed real and although I really felt sceptical on whether James Cameron could warrant the hype, I feel that this film is deserving of it’s box office scores.


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