The Work Of Shaun Jacques

How’s This For Impressive?

I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which was held in Las Vegas Nevada between last Thursday and Sunday. Now there have been some very impressive things presented in this exhibition of new technologies. This Show has in the past exclusively revealed major technologies which are now taken as a part of everyday life such as: Compact Disc Players (1981), DVD Players (1996) HDTV (1998) and Blu-Ray Players (2004)

Some of the technologies and products revealed during this expo may be widely available in less than a few months others may take a few more years before me or you (assuming ‘You’ are not a multi-millionaire) will realisticly be able to purchase them.

Some of the products given a push this year include Sony and Panasonic’s 3D Television’s,  The ‘light touch’ which can beam a virtual computer to any flat surface and the Bloggie (sony’s answer to the Flip series of camera’s)

for me however the most interesting product of all revealed in this expo will be released in the next few months and will cost only$40 (£28 approx) and this is the RCA airnergy device.

What this device does is charge devices on the go using energy gathered from Wi-Fi, picture the scene your running out of charge on your iPhone/Blackberry/Whatever… and you have this device and you are also in a Wi-Fi zone, You simply would plug this in and you could continue with your phone call/browsing or whatever it was you were doing. Of course this does rely on Wi-Fi being available to you, but with the increasing points of public service Wi-Fi hotspots available, the technology this product is pioreering could well be vital to the on-the-go businessmen of the next few years.


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