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‘Future Of The Left & Tubelord @ Birmingham 02’

My last gig of 2009 was a real treat.  Future of the left suported by (One of my favourite new bands) Tubelord & The Fall, The Rise.

I was fortunate enough to land the job of handing out flyers for this event on behalf of tubelord promoting thier new album, therefore i seen this gig for free (I also managed to take a friend along) not bad considering i was gonna pay full price to go to the gig solo otherwise 🙂

Tubelord- Our First American Friends. Available from all good online retailers and download sites.

The first band to appear on stage was local band ‘The Fall The Rise’ In all honesty I felt that this band wasn’t too bad but they lacked a killer chorus or any form of stage presenece to get the crowd intrested. as the set went on the singer seemed to get more annoyed with the said, lack of response.

After this was ‘Tubelord’


Now i’ve wanted to see tubelord for a little while now, I’d heard some great reviews of thier live show and what I had heard from some bootlegs sounded pretty good, as well as being addicted to thier studio efforts for quite a few months. They did not dissapoint me, I was shocked at how high the lead singer could put his voice at times (My friend who had never heard them before questioned me whether it was a girl or not lol) and I couldn’t help but to sing along to the majority of the songs even if it seemed like i was the only one. I almost certinly will see Tubelord again next time they tour around the Midlands.

After Tubelord was the main event ‘Future Of The Left’

Future Of The Left

I went into this not quite knowing what to expect, although I had heard some good reviews of thier live shows and I had listened to both full-length albums, I was not prepared for what I seen on that Tuesday night. FotL are without a doubt,one of the best bands I have ever seen live, Thier stage presence was fanatstic, They had without a doubt the funniest stage banter I have ever seen from a band (Some of the jokes about Killswitch Engage, who were playing the room next door had the whole room in stitches) and they also managed to ‘rip’ any hecklers in a style which would make any stand-up comedian jealous. The band are very Un-PC and that is why (I think) the fans love them, this isn’t a band you’d take your kids to see (I swear I seen 10 year olds leaving the ‘Metal’ KSE concert) to be honest I felt very young being at this gig, I felt that me and my friend were the only one’s there yet to reach the age of 20. did that bother me? not in the slightest. I can’t recommend seeing both Tubelord and Future Of The Left enough (even if I was to pay full price for this gig, it was still available for a bargian price of £8) Both of these bands ended my Gig run of 2009 on a high.


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  1. OMG enjoyed reading your article. I submitted your feed to my google reader!!

    December 12, 2009 at 7:07 pm

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