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Top 10 Albums of 2009

The following is my choices of album’s of the year 2009, It was ridicoulusly hard to try and sum up this year with just 10 albums but here is my attempt anyway’s.

(Note: I noticed after doing this list, that all of my Top 10 I have seen live at least once this year)


Released 12/10/2009

Tubelord have shot from an unknown artist to one of my favourite bands in the space of the last 12 months, This album is the perfect start-up to one of the most exciting British bands going at the moment and has defiantly been the soundtrack to my last few weeks

9. FightstarBe Human

Released 20/4/2009

Well, 12 months ago I wouldn’t have thought this. Fightstar had always been a band I was on the fence with, I thought I quite liked some songs but in general didn’t like a lot of their songs from previous efforts, in all honesty I think it was more to do with the fact that I still seen Charlie Simpson as ‘That bloke from busted’ This album changed my entire opinion on the band. featuring catchy singles like ‘The English Way’ and ‘Never Change’ as well as my personal favourite Fightstar song ‘War Machine’. Seeing Fightstar at the Reading festival this year cemented how good I feel this album is and how much they have evolved since their origins (saying that the older stuff has grown on me too)

8. The ProdigyInvaders Must Die

Released 23/2/2009

The soundtrack to your summer?
Certainly was for mine! Every song on this album could have been a single, Some of the songs that were singles I’m sure need no introduction with club and festival anthems such as ‘omen’, ‘warriors dance’ and take me to the hospital’ being played anywhere with a stereo it seemed this year. This album defiantly re-ignited my love for the Prodigy in the year 2009

7. Them Crooked VulturesThem Crooked Vultures

Released 16/11/2009

Super group.
That’s what this band is being called and it’s easy to see why, with legendary musicians ‘Dave Grohl’ (Foo Fighters/Nirvana) ‘John Paul Jones’ (Led Zeppelin) and charismatic singer ‘Josh Homme’ (Queens Of the Stoneage) at the helm expectations were high for this album. At this point I think I should point out I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this album at the not so ‘secret’ slot they performed at the reading festival, despite being the first time I heard any of the songs being played, I really enjoyed it and would probably put them down as the best band I seen at that festival this year. So when I first put on the album, I thought “Can this possibly be as good as they were live?” well the simple answer is ‘No’ but that’s a huge compliment to their live performance because this album still packs a punch.

6. Frank TurnerPoetry Of The Deed

Released 7/9/2009

Anyone who knows me, probably knows about my fairly unhealthy obsession with Frank Turner’s music, his previous two albums ‘Sleep is for the week’ and ‘Love, Ire & Song’ are without a doubt two of my favourite albums that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to, Those people will probably be very surprised to see this album appear only 6th in my list of 2009. The simple reason why this isn’t at number one is that I feel it lacked the ‘kick’ that his previous albums had, as much as I like all of the songs on this album, ‘Try This At Home’ and album closer ‘Journey Of the Magi’ in particular, I feel this album just lacked the sing along moments and memorable ballads which Frank has been so good at in the past. Having said that I have yet to see this album toured (seeing him in March 2010) maybe by then it’ll have grown on me. I feel I may have been slightly negative in this post, I do Love this album, (hence why it is in my top 10) ‘just’ not as much as his previous efforts. I would still recommend this album to anyone yet to hear Frank, just make sure to check the back catalogue when you’re done.

5. PlaceboBattle For The Sun

Released 8/6/2009

Well they returned. One of my favourite bands as a teenager, Placebo came back with their unique brand of alternative rock this summer with the album ‘battle for the sun’ I felt this album followed on from the trend set by previous albums ‘Sleeping with ghosts’ and ‘Meds’ but that is by no means a bad thing. I feel this album has its fair share of Placebo’s best in it, with songs such as ‘Ashtray Heart’ ‘Breathe Underwater’ fitting perfectly in any placebo playlist.

4. Marmaduke DukeDuke Pandemonium

Released 11/5/2009

Simple answer ‘This’ is the best thing ‘Simon Neil’ put his name on this year. Forget Biffy Clyro’s ‘iffy’ new album. This is Simon Neil at his best. A completely different sound from the band’s debut album, Duke Pandemonium sounds like your new favourite ‘dance album’ bringing with it catchy tunes like ‘Rubber Lover’ and ‘Silhouettes’

3. The HorrorsPrimary Colours

Released 4/5/2009


I could finish this post here, but instead I will encourage everybody reading this, to check this album out. I HATED the first album with a passion, I don’t even remember why I gave this one the time of day, but I’m glad I did, It is hard to believe that the two albums were by the same band. This album in my opinion should have walked the mercury prize, earlier this year. I can’t comment on favourite songs because this is an album that needs to be enjoyed as an album with no breaks or pauses.

2. MuseThe Resistance

Released 11/9/2009

Usually this would head straight to number 1. No questions asked, I’ve never listened to a muse album I haven’t loved from start to finish and this is no exception. This album is without a doubt their most ambitious yet, trying to mix songs which both their new found young fan base and their older experience fan base could enjoy and be surprised by, This album achieves it with radio-friendly pop songs such as ‘undisclosed desires’ combined with 3 part epic orchestral based pieces ‘Exogenesis’ with Muse’s trademark OTT guitar riffs and vocals thrown in for good measure. Without a doubt now the best rock group in the world, but they have ‘just’ been beaten to my favourite album of the year by…

1. GallowsGrey Britain

Released 4/5/2009

The Hardcore Punk band returned in 2009 with their 2nd album. If you started to listen to this album expecting ‘orchestra of wolves’ Part 2, you may be disappointed as it does drift away from some of the features which made that album, instead what you get here is Gallows at their anarchist best and suggestions that releasing the album through a major label would make the band sound like a ‘pop band’ are thrown away the second you press play on the album. Each song seems to get better as the album progresses, showing gallows experimenting and pulling off vocal and instrumental styles which were missing from their past, such as the first case of ‘real’ singing in the vulture (part 1) and the string sections evidenced at the end of fast paced ‘crucifucks’ I would recommend this album a hell of a lot, I also recommend catching Gallows on one of their live tours, having seen them twice this year, I can confirm that this album sounds even better live than it does on your stereo or laptop.

Some Other Great Albums Released This Year Which Deserve A Mention
Art BrutArt Brut vs. Satan
IdlewildPost Electric Blues
War TapesThe Continental Divide
Enter ShikariCommon Dreads
MorrisseyYears of Refusal
The Ghost of a ThousandNew Hopes, New Demonstrations
In Case of FireAlign the Planets
White LiesTo Lose My Life…
AlexisonfireOld Crows/Young Cardinals


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