The Work Of Shaun Jacques

“Little bit late….but!”

On Monday the 26th of October we were lectured about the passive audience and the Hypodermic needle and 2 step flow formulas. This made the entire room consider their own ‘individuality’ the myth that an individual cannot be classed into the same categories because no one person is the same, it also made us think about the media’s impact on society. Following that lecture I met up with my 110MC group to put the final touches to our ‘Jelly baby’ presentation. This was not an easy thing to do, as we all had our own ideas of where to take the project (and also the library computers were being ridicoulsly slow not helping when we wanted to change something) After a few discussions and a couple of late changes we had something we were ‘Happy’ to present the next day. That morning we received an interesting lecture, and then we had to prepare for our presentation. The nerves were settling in. We weren’t sure if we were happy about the presentation, in hindsight there are a lot of things we could have done better, but we were as ready as we were ever going to be and presented in front of the class. Our presentation seemed to go fairly well, yes. We were nervous and it seemed to show. Yes! We may have missed some opportunities in terms of how we took the project (no use of animation was a negative comment we received) but people seemed to like how we had developed our character from something complexly lifeless. If you like to see the blog we presneted for yourself it is available at

After this it was time to get into new groups for our ‘Inner Ring Road’ project. This needed to be a completely new group. In my new group we decided that we would meet up later in the week to discuss how we would undertake the project. I then met my 100mc group to discuss the group task of that week. It was mine and Kelvin’s turn to go to the seminar on the Thursday so I felt like I needed to make sure everyone was clear what to do for the time in between then and Thursday. We had a discussion about what shows we hated on television and we discovered that a lot of them were shows that were generally cheap to make and could be classed under ‘Reality TV’ we then conducted a questionnaire and each went out to find some answers to the questions. In hindsight perhaps a questionnaire wasn’t a good way to find out answers to these questions as the people we were asking were either friends or family and the results probably reflected that. Wednesday afternoon I went to the CUEAFS and watched the film Shinjuku Incident. Although I struggled to see some points of the film I found it to be a very good film which painted a dark picture on Chinese migration and gang culture in the early 1990’s.

On Thursday Kelvin and I attended the seminar after an early morning lecture. In this seminar I revealed the results of the questionnaire (Summary is available on the Mcopenmedia website) Also in this seminar we discussed several subjects including how the media influences us. After this I had a work shop on sound recording, now as a sound ‘Noob’ I found this workshop extremely helpful as it taught me basic techniques I hadn’t even considered before. It made me look forward to recording sounds later on (Good job I have to for the next project) That night I also went to see the alternative Rock band ‘Idlewild’ (which although the band was amazing may have had some of the worst lighting arrangements I have ever seen in my life) On Friday afternoon I met up with my new group to discuss the Inner ring road project. Straight away we decided we all wanted to do a video production (Note: we do have to use some still imagery at some point in the project) and we narrowed down to a few ideas that we would consider over the weekend (we had several ideas but felt we needed to consider locations, costumes and sound before we committed any further thought to any of the potential ideas) We decided to meet up after Monday mornings lecture to finalise our idea before presenting it on the following Tuesday.


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