The Work Of Shaun Jacques

“Everytime You Listen To Metal Music A Teenager Dies!”

There have been a number examples where politicians or/and the print media have made allegations that music, film or video games have been responsible for injecting ideas into the heads of a vulnerable audience i.e. children and teenagers. Let us propose that this theory is true…

I will now collect one item from my cabinet and try to determine the negative ‘influences’ and ‘effects’ that the media item can have on the passive audience.

My example from my cabinet is a CD by the Metal band ‘Slipknot’ This is a good example as there is already a case where two young killers blamed their horrific crime on the Slipknot song ‘Disasterpiece’ particually the lyrics “I wanna slit your throat and fuck the wound” (

This isn’t the only example of a metal band being blamed for a murder or suicide, other examples include; Marylin Manson,Cannibal Corpse and Judas Priest and of course their are various examples in other genres including Rap music.

My question is does Metal music influence a vunerable audience? I believe the answer to this is YES. Some of the lyrics are quite vile. while this adds to the appeal to a lot of people (myself included) It can  be a negative for a lot of people and some of those people may not be able to control the mental imagery the receive when listening to a certain song. In that case Is Slipknot responsible for those murders? NO. because the music is censored to an extent, every copy of the album will have had an explicit content warning on the cover to warn the purchasers, of course this won’t ever stop people who want to listen to it enough from buying it, but it helps give people an idea of what to expect from it. A better question would be to ask would these killers have committed their crime without the influence of slipknot? I believe maybe not at that time, but if they weren’t easily influenced by music they would have been elsewhere.

I think this shows that ‘slipknot’s’ music can have a negative influence and effect on society and i do believe it should be censored from the vulnerable audiences (E.G Children) as it can lead to negative reactions. However this is in the very small minority of cases (The slipknot CD was a gift for me at the age of Eleven) I believe that any piece of medium has the potential to cause a negative impact. and of course we can’t go censoring everything that ‘could’ negatively somebody. Can we?


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