The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Cabinet Task Week 4

For my task I needed to discover the catergories that advertisers typically put thier audiences under, these were the A,B,C1,C2,D & E catergories. These are catergories designed to seperate people on thier social-economic status. with A supposedly being the wealthiest and e’s being the poorest (in Theroy) Here is a brief rundown of the catergories:


A- Management, administitive role e.g. Chief executive.
B – High Professional e.g. teacher
C1- Supervisorye.g. shop floor supervisor
C2 – Skilled manual worker e.g. electrician
D- Semi-skilledworkers e.g. Binman
E – Unemployed, Pensioners,etc….

I decided to have a look at the advertisements in my Cabinet of curiosities to see what ‘class’ each item would appeal to.


The cilit bang advert which i hated is a fairly cheap product and as such i feel that the advertisment was aimed at D/E people as they would be less likely to question the advertisment and look elsewhere (in the advertisers POV)

Whereas the PC world advertisement would be aimed at a higher class as Pc’s and the software/hardware that go with them are not cheap. not to say that people in the D/E wouldn’t want or even need them but from the advertisers point of view they are more likely to get money from in my opinon the B/C1/C2 groups.


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