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‘Seriously I should be blogging’

Hello, there wordpress have you missed me? It’s been a little while since we last interacted hasn’t it? I was meaning to send you some stuff last week, but well one thing led to another….anyways I won’t bore you with the details (yet!).
The point of this post is to try and retrace my steps from the last few weeks, I’ll admit I haven’t quite got used to blogging yet, but give me some time and I’m sure I’ll be a natural. I may aswell start talking about what I’ve been up too the last couple of weeks.
I begun last week as I always do now on a Monday, That’s right! A lecture. This lecture was about mass media and it’s impact on society during the course of history. (despite what some of my classmates thought) I found this to be a very interesting lecture and it left me wanting to learn more…which would prove helpful on Wednesday.
The following day was the dreaded presentation, I glanced on this in my last post but here’s the details, we really have decided to do our project on the story of a living jelly baby, like seriously our first project at university, first impressions for the year and we do this….what are we thinking? And today we had to present this ludicrous idea in front of the course. (gulp) We were the last group to present and (thankfully) some of the ideas seemed to be just as ludicrous as ours, but aswell as that they all seemed to have thought long and hard about the actual characters (which admittedly was something I can’t fault my group for) ‘we’ presented our idea (and when I say ‘we’ I mean Brian did most of the talking) to the rest of the class and although we giggled a little bit about our idea we did get positive responses from the people listening. This would be the last time they would hear about it until we had to present the finished piece to them in 2 weeks time.
Moving on I met up with my group on the Wednesday to discuss the questions presented on the key concepts blog. We discussed the extended media diary piece (mine was on ‘Shaun Of The Dead’) and then researched into ‘The end of history’ and how this compared to what we were told in the lecture. Later that day I went with some of my lovely housemates to the cinema to see the new Ricky Gervais Comedy ‘The Invention Of Lying’, which despite some hits and misses in a few of the jokes, continuality and Ricky Gervais’ acting I really enjoyed.
The next day was the follow up lecture continuing on from Thursday, this was followed by another meeting with the 2E group. And bar some reading during the weekend this was the end of my academic studying for that week. I won’t bore you with the details of what transpired during the weekend (but basically I turned 19)
After a pretty hectic weekend it was time to get  back in gear and I went to the lecture in the morning, this lecture was about the motivation for media and why these products are made. I then discussed with my Media production group about when we could do our photos for the Cabinet project. We decided to start after university the next day.
The next day was a pretty hectic affair with an early morning lecture (which before hand had a preview from what maybe the strangest film I’ve ever seen) followed by two workshops (1 of which had us making up stories from each others attempts at drawing and the other teaching us photography basics and stuff about the lens and how to get an optimum light shot) what followed this was our groups photography session where we took photos of jelly babies in the public for all to see. “This will show people Media’s a real subject” We then also took some at Emma’s flat and we proceeded to take some of our own in our own time (first person shots to give the impression of Jbaby’s perspective)
I also met up with the 2E’rs later on in the week as normal.
Today was a lecture on Media censorship and whether it is right to censor or not, in particular the subject matter was about the big story today that Nick Griffin leader of the BNP was to appear on Question Time (I’m not going to turn this blog into a political forum but I believe that it is right for him to be on QT because of censorship issues) This lecture proved to be very interesting, well for me at least.
And that’s it for now, chow wordpress I’m sure you won’t wait as long to see me again next time.


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