The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Media Diary Expansion

From my media diary which i conducted last week i chose one piece of media and researched into who made it and why? I focused on the film ‘Shaun of the Dead’ which was produced by Studio Canal

Film: Shaun Of The Dead

Production Company: Studio Canal

Major or Independant?: Major comapny based in france

Owned by: Vivendi SA

Who also owns: Canal+ TV group and Universial Music also has a controlling stake in Activision Blizzard (Games production comapny)

Revenue for 2008: Vivendi SA’s revenue was €25,392m a 17.2% increase on the year before

Net Income for 2008: Vivendi SA’s net income was €2,735m up 8.4% from the year previous


The film shaun of the dead was made as an entertainment product.

At our group meeting which was conducted on Wednesday the 14th of October we compared what we had found out about the people who had produced each other’s chosen media. These varied from Sports news broadcasters (Sky Sports News) to soaps (Eastenders) and also major american comedy (Family Guy) all of the mediums we chose however were produced by major companies. (Could this be a sign of  reluctance to look at independant media?) we were also surprised how much money was involved in running these major companies particually my example Vivendi SA.


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