The Work Of Shaun Jacques

First Week!

Well after the hectic actions of Fresher’s week it was finally time to calm down (a little bit) and settle down for the first proper week of study at university. The week commenced with a lecture on Monday explaining the details for the 100MC course, and following that the groups that we would be in for the rest of that course. interesting problem however, as we were not told who was in our groups and we had to find that information ourselves, armed with only a collection of random names (apart from one being my flatmate which was a blind spot of luck) We set off to find the rest of our group. Upon leaving the lecture room we found ourselves bombarded with people shouting group names “1D” one shouted, another load has the names of their groups wrote down on large pieces of paper so that people could see them, we eventually found group 2E. which was my group, out of the 8 students we needed to find we had 6 of them. and we agreed to meet up at the library the next day.

Later that day I took part in a flat film night. although I had seen both films before (Shaun Of The Dead & Hot Fuzz) I found both films to very enjoyable and (in particular) Shaun of the dead had lots of jokes that i had missed 1st time around adding to the humour of the film.

The next day i had my first lecture on course 110MC this again separated me into a group (this time of 4 and also I had choice when choosing the group) Our task was to create another Cabinet of Curiosities (See Previous Entry) but this time for a completely made up character. After this i met up with the 100MC group 2E and we discussed the questions brought up in the lecture and on the accompanying blog. . from the discussions we discovered that we all had different interests and influences, for example some of us were influenced by advertising and found it hugely interesting whereas some of us were much less bothered. We also looked into what made us want to study media and why it is important for us to study it. points that would be expanded in the lecture on the thursday. On that thursday we watched a video documenting the ‘reality’ of edited news reports and how our view is being distorted by news agencies after this lecture, after getting acquainted with the members of our group who were missing from the group meeting. i went home and prepared some ideas for the 110MC group meeting.

I had the group meeting on Friday morning at the Ellen terry building, we discussed how we were going to create our character for the CoC’s project. we decided to go a bit crazy with it and base it on the story of a living  jellybaby. We discussed many points including how old it’d be, what it’s story was and why he was creating a cabinet of curiosities, more details of this will appear here in the forthcoming weeks.

This is just a small glimpse into the life of this particular Media production student during the week beginning on Monday the 5th of October


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