The Work Of Shaun Jacques

Letter to myself in one year’s time (23/09/2010)


How are you doing? I hope this letter finds you well. This is You from 12 months ago, you know, the shy and nervous adolescent. By the time you read this letter again I’d like to say that I’d have evolved a little bit, even if it is in a relatively short space of time.

Going to university is a tough experience for anybody and I am no exception to that but by the time you read this letter I’m sure you’ll have settled in nicely, met some new people, be getting on well with your course, and maybe even have a new part-time job. In terms of your learning I’d hope that you have a better understanding of Media production, I’ve read about the work you must have done and it doesn’t sound easy, so good luck. I’d like to think that you are now able to discuss your opinions in a larger way now as well as I know it is something that I have struggled with in the past.

Of course University isn’t just about the work (although knowing you it’ll be the one thing that is always stuck in your mind) You must have seen and heard from so many different types of people than what you had a year ago, I’m sure it has opened you up for new experiences in both your study and your social life, but then i guess only you could tell me that.I’d also like to think that getting out of your comfort zone has made you much more independent and relying on people a lot less than I currently do, but at the same time never forgetting the people around you and how you can help them and how they can help you when you need it.

I’d hope that when you read this letter you have a better idea about what you’re going to do in the distant future. I’m sure the Add+Vantage modules will help you out, but i suppose, that there is still another couple years left on the course for you to finish anyways. I hope that you have researched a lot into your career by reading some more books and discussing it with people who you can trust.

Anyways I’m sure your busy by the time you read this your probably getting ready for your second year in Coventry and enjoying your last few days at home before your off again.

Wishing you well.

Your Past Self.



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